What is a fellowship group?

Fellowship groups are a place to cultivate a relationship with God and friendships with others. Each group expects to experience Jesus Christ in its midst, enabling those who attend to be transformed by ministering to each other and through experiencing life in the family of God.

Generally, each group has 6-12 people, and meets in homes (or at the church building) around Somerset West. All our groups are led by volunteer leaders from our congregation who receive oversight and support from our pastoral staff. Groups normally meet weekly, for worship, Bible study, sharing, and prayer. Additionally, our groups reach out, living out the Gospel by serving either in the local church or community.

What happens at a typical fellowship group meeting?

A typical meeting would begin with some catching up and socialising. The leader will then officially start the meeting in worship, an opportunity for people to quiet their hearts and minds from life’s distractions and to focus on God, by song, prayer, or reading God’s Word. This is followed by a time to reflect on and discuss a Bible passage, especially relating it to us, to our lives, in our city. Finally the meeting closes with a time of sharing and prayer for each other and for our community, city, and world.

I’m new, and I’d love to join a fellowship group. Where should I start?

Especially if you’re new to the church, we suggest that you begin with one of our “launchpad” groups. These are a unique kind of group that we’ve specifically designed for two purposes; to help you get to meet a larger group of people from the church, and to be a launchpad for starting new groups and strengthening our existing groups. You’ll have an opportunity to form new relationships and grow in your Christian walk in a launchpad group for at least 12 months, before either joining or helping start a new group.

Current launchpad groups:

– Young Adults (message Hakeem Smith; 0749969224)

If you’re more established in the church and have been coming for a while (or if you’re not a Young Adult), you’re welcome to contact the church office and ask us to recommend potential groups for you.

Can I visit a few groups before I choose one?

Yes, that’s perfectly natural. That being said — we do encourage you to visit a group a few times before trying another.

Can I be a regular member of multiple groups?

Technically, yes, but we often find that busy modern schedules prohibit you from fully participating in group life if you’re committed to multiple groups.

I contacted a group I’m keen to join, but haven’t heard back, what should I do?

You can either contact the church office or email matthew.courtney@ccsw.org.za for assistance. While our leaders do their best to promptly reply, things happen. If you haven’t heard back within a week, we would be happy to help contact the leader for you.

Can I join a fellowship group affiliated with a different church?

While you are certainly free to join a group that suits your convenience, we highly recommend joining a group that is affiliated with our church. Instead of seeing the members of your group just once in a week, you’ll see them again at worship services and other church events, providing you with better opportunities for deeper and stronger relationships.

Can I become a group leader?

If you’re already a member of one of our fellowship groups, speak with your group leader about it, as we have a leader training programme in place. If you’re interested in beginning a brand new group, contact matthew.courtney@ccsw.org.za. All of our leaders are required to go through our leadership training programme before leading a group.


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