Do I need to bring a ticket or something like it to church?
No, you don’t – you can simply arrive.

Will there be set seating arrangements?
While we’ve had set seating up to this point, you are now welcome to sit where it best suits you. We encourage you to leave two seats or 1.5m between you and the next family.

Are there any forms I need to fill in
Yes, you should fill in our sign-in form when you arrive at the church.

I have a friend or family member who does not have an internet connection, but wants to come to church – can they come?
Yes, we would love to have you join us. Please call the church office (021 855 3379) or speak to a staff member on the day, and we will assist you.

Why are the service times different to normal?
This is so that we have the opportunity for thorough cleaning of all seats and regularly touched surfaces and objects following each service, and to follow the intervals between services required by current regulations.


What should I bring to church?
You will need a mask (that covers both your nose and mouth), and a Bible. While the reading will be available on our leaflet (which will not be handed out, but will be available digitally), we will not have Bibles available as current regulations prohibit sharing of objects.

Can I give a cash offering to the church?
We are now accepting cash offerings at the church to support our ministry here, and will take all necessary precautions for the safety of our staff and volunteers in doing so. We would deeply appreciate your continued support, and if you are not able to give cash, our online options remain available.

What will entrance & check in look like?
We will keep our church doors open to prevent the need to touch any handles. As you arrive, we will have a socially distanced sign-in process. We will screen you for symptoms and provide you with hand sanitizer as you enter our service.

Why doesn’t the preacher/singer/service leader have a mask?
Current regulations exempt the preacher/singer/service leader from the requirement to wear a mask while undertaking their respective duties, particularly so that their voices aren’t muffled. They have to be at an increased distance to others while their mask is off, and will put their masks on again as soon as they stop preaching, singing, or leading.

Will there be coffee on a Sunday?
For practical reasons we won’t be serving coffee after the service for the time being – but watch this space!

What happens when the service ends?
You are welcome to join us for some socially distanced fellowship following our services, however, we do encourage you not to linger in the building and to instead head out into the sunshine and enjoy these conversations outside in our courtyard.


Do you offer mp3 recordings of your sermons?
We do. You can find them here.

Will online services stop now that the church is meeting in person again
While we are glad that we are able to meet in person, we are aware that there are those who remain cautious or who are unable to join us for services at the church, at least for the time being.

For that reason, our online services will continue – but they will shortly transition to a livestream of our 9:00 service, as opposed to our pre-recorded services.

Where can I find your livestream?
You will be able to join us on our livestream on YouTube, in the same place as our current videos.

Will your livestream disappear after the service is done?
No. While we encourage you to join us as a congregation as we worship, our service livestream will be made available as an ordinary YouTube video immediately after the service if you were unable to join us live.


Will there be children’s ministry on a Sunday morning?
We are now offering children’s ministry on a Sunday morning, up to grade 5.

Both children’s and youth ministries are running on a Friday night, and we’d love to have your kids join us so that they can interact with God’s Word at their own level, with their peers.

What safety measures are in place on a Friday night?
The same protocols are in place as for our Sunday services; in particular, masks to be worn at all times, sanitizing of hands, social distancing, and no sharing of objects. We will also be screening for symptoms at the door; and will be keeping an attendance register of all those present.


More questions? Get in touch with our staff team, by either email or phone:


+27 21 855-3379 


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& Old Stellenbosch Road

(behind Cylnor Spar Centre)

+27 21 855-3379           christchurchsw@gmail.com

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