Rooted (Grades 6-7)

Meeting now, 5:00-6:30 every Friday at the church

Meeting now, 10:30 service every Sunday at the church


The Gospel brings eternal life, but the Gospel also directly applies to our lives here and now. Our vision is to see the children in our congregation — and those in our community — who are heading into high school come to know and love Jesus Christ. At Rooted, we want them to be encouraged in their Christian walk and equipped to enjoy and benefit from the community and teaching at Friday night Youth when they join it. Our ultimate goal is that through ministering to our grade 6-7’s, that they are both encouraged and equipped to apply the Gospel to the challenges they face and to boldly show and tell everyone they meet the good news of Jesus Christ.


  • We believe the Gospel changes lives, brings us peace with God and with one another, and brings renewal as we grow in our Christian walk. Jhn. 3:16-17; Rom. 1:16; Gal. 3:28

  • We support and encourage the parents in our church, because we believe that their discipleship is key in teaching twelve-thirteen §year-olds the Gospel. Deut. 6:7, 20-25; Prov. 22:6

  • We believe the Gospel is real and powerful, and able to help us with the many challenges we face in our own lives. For grade 6-7’s, we believe that the Gospel’s power is real, relevant, and needed. Col. 3:16-17; 1 Thess. 2:13; Heb. 4:12

  • Timothy was not about to enter high school, but we believe that like him, even though they are young, grade 6-7’s can also set an example for those around them and live out a powerful Gospel witness. 1 Tim. 4:12

Mission – how do we do this?

We meet twice each week. Our first meeting is on a Friday night, at the same time as Kids’ Club. Each Friday, we enjoy spending time together, we have an interactive up-front talk, play some games, and we spend time as a small group speaking about God’s Word. Our goal for Rooted meetings is to form a community that supports and encourages our grade 6-7’s as they follow Jesus in their everyday lives.

On Sundays, Rooted meets during our second church service for our grade 6-7’s to learn from God’s Word together. How is it different from Rooted on a Friday? Where Friday night Rooted spends more time chatting in a small group and building community, on a Sunday, we have a bit of a longer interactive talk, but still enjoy some time together playing games and as a small group. Rooted on Sundays is about worshipping God and hearing him speak into our lives as we hear the talk preached and worship God together.

We also believe that a key part of reaching out to grade 6-7’s is through authentic, personal relationships. For this reason our youth minister Ramon, as well as our other Rooted leaders, will often get in touch with the families in our congregation to hear their particular needs, as well as to encourage, support, and grow deep and meaningful relationships with both the grade 6-7’s and their parents.


We are always looking for those with a heart for ministry and a love of children to join us as we serve our grade 6&7’s. If you’re a part of our church family and would love to get involved, please contact our youth minister, Ramon Williams, at 0727794373.


Cnr. Helderberg College
& Old Stellenbosch Road

(behind Cylnor Spar Centre)

+27 21 855-3379 

to know Christ so as to make Him known